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Waters (Chromatography Columns, SPE and Supplies)

Waters is a company on the move. Founded in 1958, the Waters brand is synonymous with global leadership in high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), thermal analysis and mass spectrometry.

The company continues to target high-growth segments of the worldwide pharmaceutical, life science, food and beverage and chemical industries. In particular, pharmaceutical research and development spending has fueled our growth and spurred innovation.

  • Atlantis Columns
  • BioSuite Columns
  • Bridge Columns
  • XSelect Columns
  • SunFire Columns
  • XTerra Columns
  • Symmetry Columns
  • µBondapak
  • Nova-Pak Columns
  • Resolve Columns
  • AccQ - Tag Ultra (UPLC Amino Acid Analysis)
  • Delta - Pak
  • Oasis (Sample Extraction Products)
  • Sep - Pak (Sample Extraction Products)
  • Sperisorb
  • Symmetry Shield

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