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Digital Colorimeter

  • Digital Colorimeter

    Digital ColorimeterProduct Brand: Kanad Vidyut (HANS)

    • Higher Precision In Absorbance Mode
    • Auto zero By Switch
    • Wavelength Selection By Switch
    • Five Wavelengths: 450, 505, 530, 580 & 630
    • Alpha - Numeric Backlit Display
    • Solid State, Life-Long Light Source
    • Small Reagent Volume
    • Keyboard For Numbers And Factor, Concentration &
      Absorbance Modes


    • "HANS 353" colorimeter shows 3 digits Absorbance after decimal point [ABS = 0.364], has 5 filters and has 3 modes.
    • Filter Selection for "HANS 353" colorimeters is very easy with Wavelength Selection Rotary Switch. This switch has WL markings for 450, 505, 530, 580 and 630 nms.
    • Almost all End Point Biochemistry can be done with "HANS 353" colorimeters
    • Time Saving: AUTOZERO Switch saves time in setting Blank.
    • Very low power consumption: "HANS" colorimeters can operate on Torch Cells. [Dry cells] for a long time of many hours of use.
    • Small Reagent Volume: 500 ul in square or 1ml in round cuvettes.
    • "HANS 353" has a keyboard for entering Numbers and Modes. Factor Values or Standard Concentration Values can be entered directly. Then "HANS 353" can give direct reading of concentrations of samples.
    • "HANS 353" colorimeters are Reliable, Stable and Sturdy in daily operation.
    • No Maintenance: These colorimeters do not have bulbs.
    • Non Rusting Aluminum Body with Epoxy Powder Coating keeps colorimeters 'Clean and New' even after many years of daily use in Laboratory.
    • Normal Precision, 2 digit colorimeters "HANS 251" and "HANS 253" are also available.

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