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  • Mini Rotary Shaker

    Mini Rotary ShakerProduct Brand: REMI

    Power Supply: 220-240 Volts, 50Hz, Single Phase

    New Design of Bench Top Rotary Shakers provides gentle mixing of fluids in test tubes & glass vessels of different capacities up to 1000ml. These shakers find applications in pathology, microbiology, chemistry, molecular biology & biotechnology.
    Model RS-12R / RS-12R DX has a built in speed regulator with Max Speed of 180 RPM.


    • 0 - 15 Minute digital countdown timer.
    • Universal platform with adjustable rollers.
    • Digital timer of 15 minutes duration.
    • 10mm orbit
    • Platform Size: 12" × 12"

  • Rotary Shaker

    Rotary ShakerProduct Brand: REMI

    Supply: 220-240 Volts, 50Hz. Single Phase

    The Unit has a base assembly fabricated with heavy mild steel sections. Brushless Induction drive motor with frequency drive makes the unit suitable for continuous non-stop operation. Steeples electronic frequency control ensures high stability and reliability even in continuous operation & uneven load distribution.


    • Fix speed of 180 RPM along with universal platform of size 36" × 36"
    • Digital display of speed with presetting facility
    • Shaking amplitude 40mm
    • Universal Platform to accommodate interchangeable clamps of assorted sizes for different
      capacity of flasks
    • Automatic restart at preset speed in case of power failure without flask holding clamps

  • Sieves Shaker

    Sieves ShakerProduct Brand: Jayant

    Resigned to carry up to 7 sieves of 8" diameter it is driven by 1/4 HP "CROMPTON" electric motor, without timer through reduction gear. The whole gear mechanism which gives circular and to end motion runs in an oil bath. The tapping motion is given by hammer from top. To work on 220/230 volts single phase A.C. supplied complete with adaptor for 8" sieve but without test sieve.

    Sieves Shaker also available

    • Table Top Sieves Shaker J-91
    • Ro-tap Sieves Shaker J-90
    • Gyratory Sieves Shaker J-95

  • Water Bath Shaker

    Water Bath ShakerProduct Brand: REMI

    Supply: 220-240 Volts 50Hz Single Phase.

    The units are double walled with exterior body and inner chamber of stainless steel having effective insulation in between. The stainless steel bath has size of 355mm (W) × 300mm (D) × 165mm (H). With tray for 12 flasks of 100ml. A special pyramid type cover provided avoids evaporation of water and makes condensed water to fall back in the bath. A cock is provided to facilitate draining of bath contents.


    • Inner chamber and outer body of ss 304.
    • Heating up to 95°c.
    • Digital temperature indicator cum controller with precise accuracy of ±1°c.
    • Shaking speed range from 40 to 180 strokes per min.
    • Stroke length 25mm.

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